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Tips To Avoid Car Accidents

With thousands of cars present in California’s roads at any point in time, unstable road conditions, and other factors that might affect your driving experience, it is not surprising that the rate of accidents all over the US is pretty high over-all – averaging at 30,000 car crashes a year.  Furthermore, insurance companies estimate that all drivers get into a car accident at least once every 10 years.

We have already discussed in previous blog posts about the things that you should do and what you should prioritize in case of a car crash. Of course, the best case scenario is if you can simply avoid getting into a car crash altogether. The car crash statistics from all across the US and California might seem a bit intimidating, but there is no reason that you can beat these odds as long as you drive safely and follow the rules of road safety set by the DMV.

Furthermore, here are some tips to keep in mind in order to avoid car accidents:

Check Your Ego

Road rage is a common cause of car accidents all over the world. This is why it is important to keep your ego in check when you are driving. Always remember that your safety and that of everyone on the road is in your hands as a driver. Do not allow your feelings to rule over your good judgment. For example, if someone is signaling you that they want to switch lanes, either speed up or slow down in order to allow that vehicle to change lanes. Do not attempt to block their path and match their speed in order to prevent them from switching lanes. Just remember, you won’t lose anything if you allow that other vehicle to change lanes either behind you or in front of you.

Don’t Trust The Green Light

Even if the light is green, do not use this as an opportunity to step on that gas pedal and go as fast as the speed limit allows. Never trust the lights and always keep a look out for cars from perpendicular lanes that might try to run a red light. This is especially true if there are very few cars on the road and it’s nighttime and/or visibility is low due to fog/rain and weather conditions.

Beware of Blind Spots

No matter what type of vehicle you are using, always be aware of the blind spots that your vehicle might have. Never be overconfident in your side mirrors and always remember that your mirrors may not exactly capture all the current road conditions.

Don’t Assume That Everyone Has The Same Driving Sense That You Do

This is extremely important. Many people find themselves in a car crash because they happened to rear-end someone who stopped at an inappropriate time or that they did not expect the car in front of them to turn or make some other strange maneuver. You may have had a few close calls like these yourself, so you should remember that they can happen more frequently than you might think. Try to give yourself enough room to safely maneuver and avoid collisions at all times.

Need A Doctor?

Of course, sometimes, no matter how much you try to avoid a car accident, it can still happen. Get your personal injuries evaluated by a professional healthcare provider as soon as possible. In case of a car crash, call the California Injury Doctors at 1-800-971-3627.

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