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Welcome to California Injury Doctors

Have you had a recent Auto Accident Sports Injury, or a Workers Comp Injury? Our network of doctors specialize in all areas of injury, including neck pain, back painheadaches, dental and existing injuries.

We have doctors in your area for immediate response!

We have locations all throughout California to help you find the right qualified doctor for your injury, and receive the best possible care!

We at California Injury Doctors screen and approve Board Certified Doctors experienced in treating injured patients.

Our doctors accept accident cases on a Lien basis and most insurances are accepted.


Find the perfect doctor for your medical needs. California Injury Doctors online directory can be searched by City, State, Zip. You can also search by specialty, doctor or group name, and by insurance is taken.


Once you find a list of medical providers you can view their profile and determine the best choice for your particular needs.


Once your selection has been made you can contact the doctor directly.

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