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Your Checklist In Case of A Car Crash

Every year, there are at least 150,000 car crashes that occur in California and around 2800 of these crashes turn out to be fatal. This is why it is important to drive safely and to never give in to road rage. The average driver will encounter at least one car crash every 18 years – so if you haven’t been in a car crash yet, driving safely can serve to ensure that your accident is not a fatal one.

Ultimately, it would seem that getting into a car crash is unavoidable as long as you continue to drive. Fortunately however, modern cars are equipped with all kinds of safety features in order to ensure the safety of the driver and any passengers inside the car’s stiff passenger cage.

While you may not be able to completely avoid getting into a car crash, there are some things that you can do just in case you get into a vehicle collision in order to ensure your safety and your best interests.

  1. Check For Injuries

Immediately after a car crash, it is extremely important that you check for any injuries. Remember that even if you feel fine that it might just be the adrenaline kicking in. Make sure that all your limbs are intact and check your body carefully for any signs of serious or minor injuries.

Once you have confirmed that you are uninjured or that you are at least still mobile, you should then check your passengers for any injuries and see if anyone is unconscious.

  • Call An Ambulance For Serious Injuries

Hopefully, you have your phone on your person. If you or your passengers have sustained any serious injuries that require immediate medical treatment, then you should call in an ambulance right away. Otherwise, proceed to the next step.

  • Exit Your Vehicle Carefully

Until the police arrive to investigate the car crash,  (especially if you collided with another vehicle) it is important to leave the scene untouched unless you are in an especially dangerous portion of the road.

In any case, exit your vehicle carefully and get off the road. There could be a multiple vehicle pile-up coming if you are on a high speed freeway — especially at night. Make sure that you escort all your passengers away from danger.

  • Check The Other Vehicle

Check the other vehicle carefully if there are any injured individuals inside and escort anyone who might need help to safety.

  • Get The License Plate And Driver’s License Information Of The Driver

After confirming that no life-threatening injuries were incurred, it is a good idea to list down the license plate and the driver’s license number of the other driver. Be willing to exchange this information with them and offer your own driver’s license as well. Whether a personal injury claim arises out of this incident or not, having ready information on hand helps when dealing with insurance companies.

  • Get Immediate Specialist Healthcare

After the incident, it is always in your best interest to get specialist healthcare such as from a chiropractor for neck, back, and whiplash injuries. It is important that you facilitate your own self-care and ensure your full recovery because this can be quite useful when you are negotiating any personal injury claim you might have later on.

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