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Are Younger Drivers More Reckless? Facts Will Tell

It is a stereotype that has plagued young drivers since time immemorial: the image of a recklessly driving teenager causing a car accident either due to age and inexperience – or merely because of the recklessness of youth. Often, when a multiple car pile-up occurs, people aren’t surprised to find out that it was a teenage driver in the middle of the whole mess. However, just how true is this stereotype? Are younger drivers really more reckless than their older counterparts or is this just biased stereotyping?

Fortunately, we live in an age of enlightenment where any claims you make can be quickly scrutinized and debunked online with legitimate sources and statistics. So how do teenagers fare as far as the actual statistics go? Well, as it turns out, reality is not too far from the stereotype.

Alarming Habits

Have you ever been on the phone while driving? Admit it – all of us have been there once. That phase or perhaps just that one moment where you had to try taking a phone call while also driving. The worse part is that with Bluetooth handsfree technology now integrated into most modern vehicles, our own cars have actually made it easier to be on the phone while driving – a habit that all safety experts concur, is nothing more than a recipe for disaster.

Well, as it turns out, according to statistics from 2014 by GuardChild, at least 56% of teens admit to not only being on the phone, but also texting while driving. Now if that’s not alarming enough, teens are also guilty of several other alarming habits while driving.

You know your seatbelt? It’s there for a reason and the reason is your own safety. However, it seems that a majority of teenage drivers just don’t get this, which is why 55% of teenagers who were killed in fatal car crashes actually weren’t wearing their seat belts.

How about changing the music? Well, there’s a phone app for that – even though you can just do it via the physical buttons on your car. This isn’t good enough for 40% of high school seniors who feel the need to change apps via smartphone.

It Worsens With Age

But of course, it’s just a phase, right? You’re only a teenager for a few years of your life after all – after that, you mature and your driving habits also mellow with age. Gone is the brashness of youth; to be replaced by the wisdom of age – NOT! Unfortunately, reckless teenage drivers actually only grow more reckless with age.

While many teenagers aged 16-18 get into an accident within their first year of driving, what is more alarming is that the reckless ones who do not get into an accident actually become extremely overconfident in their abilities as they age. In a study conducted by the Liberty Mutual Insurance Co., it was found that over 75% of high school seniors feel highly confident in their driving abilities.

Proper Indoctrination Is The Key

The statistics might seem shocking, but there is no reason that they cannot be beaten. Teens do not need to be educated as to how to drive. They already know all the rules of the road (or so they think), but anyway, the reality is that most teens are actually keenly aware of the rules of the road and how proper driving is done – they just choose to flagrantly disregard these rules in as far as the law allows.

Therefore, the responsibility for proper indoctrination as to why safe driving is a must lies with us, the parents, guardians, and mentors of these younger drivers. Let us nurture a generation of drivers who understand the true value of safety and road courtesy.

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