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5 Common CA Driving Mistakes To Avoid

How well do you think you drive? Well, you passed your driver’s license exam, so you must be pretty competent, right?  Of course you are! There’s no need to be humble about it – but of course, there is also such a thing as over confidence. In a previous article, we talked about how younger drivers – especially high-school aged ones, tend to develop some pretty bad driving habits and they become even more brazen about these driving habits as they grow older – especially if they have never been in a car mishap yet.

In any case, whether you are just about to take your California DMV  exam or if you  consider yourself to be a veteran driving who is knowledgeable about all the rules of the road, here are some common driving mistakes that you will want to avoid:

  1. Changing Lanes At Will

This is by far one of the most common mistakes made by both newbie and veteran drivers around. Let us take for example that you are on a four lane highway, you see that the vehicle in front of you is travelling at a slower pace than you are comfortable with. It seems as if there are relatively few vehicles on the road. Therefore, without slowing down nor signalling your turn, you decide to just swing on over to the blindside of the slower driver in front of you and then cut back to your original lane in front of him.

As described, it sounds like such a horrible thing to do, but in practice, many of us do it all the time – especially when we are certain that the highway patrol is nowhere nearby. Remember that the proper way to change lanes is to make sure that the road is actually clear via your side mirrors and to check the traffic conditions in front of you as well. Furthermore, it is never a good idea to cut the lane of the vehicle that you just overtook.

  • Distracted Driving

Texting while driving, fiddling with something inside of your bag while driving, some people even try to babysit their kids in the car while also driving – are you guilty of any of these? This is distracted driving and if you try to do this while in the actual DMV exam, it will cost you points. However, the real danger is that if you try it on the road while you are unsupervised because you are clearly flirting with disaster.

  • Not Knowing What To Do At A Four Way Stop

If you come across a four-way intersection, do you know what to do? As a general rule, just remember that the vehicle to the right has the right of way to go first. You should also always signal what you intend to do in order to warn the other drivers of the path you intend to take.

  • Merging Into The Freeway

Slower isn’t always better, you know. When you are merging into the freeway, it is a good idea to keep your speed up in order to keep up with the flow of the traffic. Stopping at the end of the ramp is a bad idea unless it can’t be helped because of an obstruction on the road as it leads to a potentially unsafe situation.

  • Changing Lanes At An Intersection

Stick to your lane when you are passing through an intersection. Many drivers see this as an opportunity to switch to a preferred lane, but this is wrong under California’s road rules.

If You’ve Been In An Accident…

No matter how safe you try to be on the road, sometimes accidents are inevitable – especially since you have no control over other drivers. If you have been in an accident in California, you should see a doctor at once to have yourself checked for personal injuries. Call the California Injury Doctors today at 1-800-971-3627. Visit our website at to learn more about our doctors and other specialist multi-disciplinary healthcare providers.

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