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When Should You See A Doctor On Lien?

What you need to know about medical liens is that they are specifically created to assist people who are unable to deal with medical expenses out of their own pocket after an accident. It may happen that the accident came at a bad time when the individual was low on liquid assets or some other hardship. In any case, if you do not have ready cash on hand nor are you covered by any medical insurance, but you need medical attention for personal injuries, finding a doctor who accepts patients on a lien basis is probably the best option for you.

Check That You Actually Need A Medical Lien First

Even if you do not have any health insurance, did you know that your car insurance may actually cover personal injuries? If you have been in a car accident in California and you are certain that your car is insured, read your insurance policy carefully as you may be eligible for medical coverage for personal injuries as well. If you need help in enforcing your claim, it is best to see a personal injury attorney.

Are You Sure That You Were Not The One At Fault?

How certain are you that you were not the one at fault for the accident? Did you have some contributory negligence that might have aggravated your injuries? For example, after the incident, did you fail to get immediate medical attention? These factors could affect the outcome of your personal injury claim against the insurance company of the other driver later on. In the worst-case scenario, you will not be able to recover any compensation at all and your doctor will not be paid.

Finding A Doctor Who Accepts Liens

As you can imagine, it is actually a gamble on the doctor’s part to accept a case on a lien. There is no law that requires the patient to pay just in case he/she loses the personal injury case/claim. Therefore, there are actually not a lot of doctors in California who take on personal injury cases on a lien basis.

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